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Karen Loftus is a Multi Media Maven, a Travel & Lifestyle Writer, Producer, Host, Adventure Enthusiast & Globetrotting Photographer covering The Global Road.

This savvy travel addict once traveled The Global Road as an international comedian. After globetrotting through nineteen countries throughout The Middle East, Europe, Asia and the US entertaining Expats, international execs, US troops abroad and theater savvy audiences around the globe at international theaters and festivals, award winning playwright, Tennessee Williams Fellow and comedian Loftus ( took a wee break from touring, slipping in to journalism, putting on the page what she once delivered onstage.

Fifty countries and nearly five hundred articles later, she currently writes for a well-respected and diversified portfolio, a dozen high-end travel, lifestyle & fashion magazines, websites and daily newspapers from regional to national and international.

As a journalist, Loftus nicknamed Lofty on The Global Road naturally found her definitive niche in travel writing, covering vino trends in travel and culinary and cocktail tourism. It was a coming home as her Irish grandparents thrived in The Prohibition era running a speakeasy, distilling their own spirits and running many a famous pub and restaurant in Philadelphia. She rang in her first notable New Year’s at age five with a crisp, bubbly one in hand.

As a journalist her first press trip was to New Zealand for the Cocktail World Cup. She has not stopped sipping or tripping since. As a travel writer, Loftus has sipped, swirled and savored with the best of them as has visited with top vintners and distillers around the world in South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Israel, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Croatia and France to name but a few and has had one on one meetings and eating’s with Michelin starred chefs in St. Moritz, Brussels and Lyon and in countless other cities across the globe.

On the cocktail front, she’s covered The Cocktail World Cup with the world’s top 42 bartenders in New Zealand, attended booze infused Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, the epicenter of the US spirits scene and has judged a number of international cocktail competitions for notable international brands across the country.

This fashion forward foodie is known for always shaking it up as she has an insatiable appetite for adventure. She’s taken great risks and has gone to extreme journalistic measures on The Global Road, paragliding, bungee jumping, four tracking, canyoning, river rafting, dogsledding, surfing, skiing and horseback riding in search of the story.

For a look in to her world on The Global Road, check out her many Global Galleries. Lofty Photography's Global Galleries will be updated on a regular basis with new destinations and inspired images. So, check back to see what new spots and shots we've got.

Also, Karen will soon be flexing the funny again. Look for her at a theater or a city near you or check out a live showing of her Global Gallery in a restaurant, bar or gallery nearby. There will be plenty to feast on from photos to food, cocktails and fine wines. It's sure to be a sensorial and decadent feast. So dig in!

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